The Glory of YesterdayEdit

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The Sentinels are one of the three main factions within Amaranthine. They follow Lord Kelaran in His quest to retrieve The Artefact, with their ultimate goal being to reverse time to the days prior to The Calamity.

The Sentinels reside in the fortress city of Zion, aptly known as "The city on the hill."

Captain Tondier and Sergeant pandycanes are two of the most prominent Sentinels, along with Lord Kelaran's most trusted officers.

Building Air PowerEdit

Currently, the Sentinels have completed the first Cairne-class Frigate, codenamed Bedivere. Lord Kelaran has stated that he does indeed have plans to construct more ships in the near future, but refused to divulge any more details. The only bit of information that He has released to the public is the codename Vimana.

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