The Deus Ex Machina (latin for "God out of the machine") is a new building in the town Komid claims to be protecting. It appears as a huge stone building with a clock.

The entrance hall only has a single door and a +-like shape of torches.

The next room has a single sign in it

"The man. who is he? Does he know?"

The next room has four signs saying

"With the first act of war done and first element found"

"the man continues to work"

"Have you ever wondered why there isn't"

"Its not like the man would lie about them."

The next room has six signs saying

"I bet you're starting to worry now."

"I can't say I blame you."

"I'll give you a hint."

" "Last Man Standing" "

"But what does it mean?"

"Two more until the man's announcement. Are you ready?"