Tempis, one of The Old Gods, is the Lord of Time. Aligned with the element of Wind, He is most known for allying himself with the God of Fate, Stahtis, and forming the Twin-Headed Dragon. However, beforehand, Tempis was seen as benignly eccentric for a God amongst the mortals who met Him.

Alongside Stahtis, They rampaged all throughout Amaranthine with very little able to stop Them, and very little left in Their wake. Only with the combined powers of Nivicus, Sekheimos, and Vitaan were the two powers stopped. Although both Tempis and Stahtis exiled Themselves, the Twin-Headed Dragon was reborn in the fires of the post-Calamity Amaranthine.


Tempis contacted Tondier, who was the only one with enough Psyian blood to hold the aether of a God at the time, with the promise of becoming a Hero and Amaranthine's savior.