Materialisation is the term used to describe the "birth" of something from the Aether itself. At the beginning of the universe, the Gods themselves went through the process of materialisation, so too did Amaranthine herself upon her creation.

Materialisation can also be preceded by the prefixes Re-, or De-, each drastically changing the meaning of the word.


The process of rematerialisation is both confusing and, generally speaking, impossible for most. The few times it has been witnessed, it has occurred solely by the will of a God; that is to say, there has been no evidence that even a Magician beyond the powers of a Higher Magician would be able to dispense the amount of energy required for this process.

Described simply, it is the temporary resurrection of the body and soul of an individual who has departed into the Aether as a result of their mortal life ending. Though not necessary, all recorded cases have involved an individual who was sentenced to death by the Council of the Aether and was then brought back for questioning.

As previously stated, the amount of power required for this process is large, at least from a mortal point of view, and even with the vast amount of power, the process is only temporary, allowing the individual perhaps an hour on Amaranthine at best.

The secrets of rematerialisation have been sought by many throughout the ages. Most prominent are the stories of those who wished to say goodbye to loved ones, followed closely by the vengeful who wished to end a life personally. Any and all requests for a personal rematerialisation from the Council were rejected.


The process of dematerialisation is, perhaps on the surface, simply the opposite of rematerialisation. It is the transportation of the body and soul of a living individual into the Aether, or in some cases, simply nothingness. The latter is handed down only as the most serious punishment for crimes against the Council.

Whilst it is possible to dematerialise oneself, very few people have chosen this option, as it is believed that by bypassing Nemors you are condemning yourself to an eternity of suffering. Those rematerialised choosing to dematerialise themselves is not viewed with such superstition, having already been ferried their way by Nemors prior to their summoning back to Amaranthine.