Nuclear Sun

The Nuclear Sun, worn by Alyzanae

The Nuclear Sun is a modified and Aether imbued nuclear heating rod.

Alyzanae has managed to scavenge old notes by her creator, that explains the weapon.

It has been noted by Alyzanae herself that using the Nuclear Sun deteriorates her body, long time exposure could potentially kill her. First signs of deterioration is blood-like liquid running down Alyzanae's face, commonly the eyes. Using it longer than this causes the panels in Alyzanae's body to bend and drop off. Longer than this is unknown, but according to Alyzanae's theory, her limbs would break and fall apart.

Research Notes: Nuclear SunEdit

Written by Lawrence Scarlet

Later edited by Alyzanae Scarlet

The Nuclear Sun is an Aether imbued arm cannon. To use it, one must slide their arm all the way up to the elbow in it and grab the handle. The user must be familiar with Aether. A mage, for instance could use it. A regular person cannot.

I was going to add the cannon on Alyzanae permanently, but I couldn't pull myself to do it.

The cannon is quite powerful, but due to the knockback, it can't be used for a long period of time.

The cannon is able to shoot Aether imbued explosives, in the form of a fireball.