The Seventeen Old Gods (most often referred to simply as The Old Gods or The Seventeen) were the deities who oversaw the creation and existence of the realm of Amaranthine, and the High Council by which it is bound.

Each God represented a different factor of life, and each of the Gods fell under a specific Element of the Aether; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water (Not to be confused with The Elements, which share the same names). The only God who stands as an exception to this is Lord Nivicus, who is without an Elemental alignment.

List of the Seventeen

By the grace of both Lord Nivicus and Lord Sekheimos, the the names and attributes of all of the Old Gods have been revealed. As time goes on, more and more information about each of the gods maybe revealed.

They are as follows:

  • Non-Elemental
    • Nivicus (God of All Things, Yet Nothing)
  • Earth - Strength
    • Vix (Goddess of Nature)
    • Divitius (God of Wealth)
    • Noctus (God of Darkness)
    • Serpentia (Goddess of Wisdom)
  • Wind - Movement
    • Tempis (God of Time)
    • Stahtis (God of Fate)
    • Xinos (God of Chaos)
    • Videth (Goddess of Truth)
  • Fire - Power
  • Water - Peace
    • Fortuna (God of Fortune)
    • Kelaran (God of Redemption)
    • Vitaan (Goddess of Life)
    • Imperito (God of Order)