The rage-driven alter ego of Tarquin Geld, Wrathbringer Evi is a creature borne of suffering and war.

Many years of betrayal and death took it's toll on Tarquin, kindling a fire in him that slowly consumed his mind and soul. Evi, as he is known now, has but one goal: The complete end of Nivicus and his goals. To this end, Evi has cast aside his title, his companions and even his remarkable suit of protection. Evi has consolidated all that he owns and stripped them for materials and useful artefacts, building a new suit and home centered on protection, strength and a fear-inducing visage.

Despite his single-mindedness, Tarquin is no less resourceful and intelligent than he has always been.Calculating and merciless, Evi should be considered a dangerous individual.

The Wrathbringer is tentatively allied to the Myrmidons but his intentions are clear, he exists for revenge and will undoubtedly change his allegiance to suit his needs in the future. This has left him a dubious ally at best and he is rarely considered as such, even by his own faction or ex-companions.